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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Translation Status

This site is an archive for the translated portions of Wilhelm Landig's Goetzen gegen Thule, in English known as "Idols Against Thule", "Godlets Against Thule" or "Gods Against Thule". The following is an index of the translated portions with respective links to their entries:

Chapter 1: Secret Order
Chapter 2: The Bright Night
Chapter 3: Nuliajukanahnaq
Chapter 4: Point 103
Chapter 5: The Messengers
Chapter 6: Flight Into Chaos

Chapter 7: Solstice (7% complete)

Chapter 18: Om Mani Padme Hum (13% complete)
Chapter 19: Stronghold of the Spirit (11% complete)

For personal reasons I have ceased my translation and will not continue. I highly encourage any willing spirit to make use of the material on this site or to expand on it, perhaps in an effort for a full translation.  Currently 35% of the novel has been given a rudimentary translation. You can find the original texts at the bottom of this entry.

Notice that the "BUCH" label divides Goetzen gegen Thule into three sections and does NOT signify the three books of the Thule trilogy (the others being Wolfszeit um Thule and Rebellen fuer Thule). Goetzen gegen Thule, Landig's first novel in the trilogy, has nineteen chapters. These are merely chapter divisions that further divide it into tripartition.  


Landig was either told this story by somebody else or created it on his own, or rather “experienced” it if those implications are to be believed. Serrano was unconcerned with him when they met, indicating that he knew something about the normalcy of the matter. We must think of Landig’s prose and purpose. If he was told this story by somebody else, by “the mutterings of a prisoner in an English internment camp”, then he wrote the book to fulfill his mission to his comrade both to get the information out and to keep alive the legacy of the “Leipzig group” around which the book is centered.
            Landig was well known for his leadership in an occult society in Austria post-bellum, where he propagated certain viewpoints akin to those in the book and even more scientifically extreme. The book is not that imaginative in comparison.
            If the book was indeed dictated and written from memory and a sense of duty, it may account for the dryness and bluntness of the prose. Written in a typical chap-book style that increases word-length with various sequential instances more akin to a list of facts than a literary piece, the book is tedious and is compounded by the presence of sequels. Perhaps this was a safeguard against readers who were not fanatical enough, or else the mere product of his lack of craft. In any case the books remain untranslated in English or any other language. The translation provided of the first book’s first part is the only one that I know of to date, which requires major editing for literary smoothness.
            Perhaps because it has not been translated, the works remain relatively obscure in the underground web of information. A certain select group of people know about it from none other than coincidence with their interests. Otherwise it is obscure. Physical copies of the book are still in circulation for high prices and limited quantities on popular internet retail services like Amazon.com, but they are virtually unheard of in physical bookshops.
            However, one current of literature does give mention to these books. Works about what has been called “Esoteric Nazism” or “Nazi Occultism” are the only literary bodies which give reference to them, often citing from them ideological and esoteric-related matters relevant to the subject. In no other writing is Landig’s work mentioned. The book ARKTOS alone has probably been the sole source of knowledge about his works, of which Godwin, the author, gives brief glimpses and summaries in parts of the text. From this we have gained the entirety of our knowledge on the subject.
            A summary of the book will be given here at a later date. 

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Goetzen gegen Thule (archive entry) (direct download)
Wolfszeit um Thule (archive entry) (direct download)
Rebellen fuer Thule (direct download) 

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